Podcasting in action – Groundswell Awards and Lion Brand Yarn

Here is an example of a podcast which contributed to increased sales. Forrester’s Groundswell award winner for B2C Talking was Lion Brand Yarn Blog and Podcast / Converseon. According to Forrester:

…Lion Brand Yarn created a biweekly podcast that generated 15,000 to 20,00 downloads…

…Those who visited the company’s social media were 41% more likely to buy at the Web site…

…Hosted by a pair of LBY employees, the podcast was produced bi-weekly and focused on knitting and crocheting topics. The podcast was posted to a dedicated blog, distributed via iTunes and also given away as a CD in store for less tech-savvy consumers. The podcast was designed to be a conversation with customers and knitting community figures more so than “internet radio” in the broadcast model…

Key success strategies used are:

  • the distribution of the podcast via the web and CD – multiple touch points and re-purposing existing content is a low cost method to spread the word;
  • targeted audience – small numbers but high influence and conversion;
  • real people hosting the show;
  • patience – this was an 18 month campaign – it takes time to build an audience;
  • they showed customers how to use their product –  this can lead to “Aha!” moments for the listener which contributes to brand loyalty;

Here’s a link to the Lion Brand Yarn blog and podcast . . . enjoy and learn!

Podcasting works for Lion Brand Yarn and it can work for you!


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