Audio Podcasting – Business Case: Lead Generation

Client: MLC Creative Designs & Consulting

Business Goal: Lead Generation

Our client had just opened up their business in a new geographic area and were looking for ways to market their services to the community and generate leads to leads. Establishing themselves as knowledge experts was identified as a key step in gaining peoples confidence in there services.

BRASSmedia Canada’s Solution:

We met with the client to determine important areas of the industry where she could tell a story that would resonate with potential customers. Our client had long term experience in the industry so she was able to identify what many people in her target market felt were important things to know. At the end of the first planning meeting we mapped out a strategy which included topics which would allow here to speak as a knowledge expert.

With assisted our client in scripting a series of stories based on her experiences in consulting with customers. BRASSmedia Canada makes use of a podcast design guide which helps us identify what themes, focus, format and topics our client would like to use. Included in our research and planning is a series of questions we ask to help us determine such elements as: what type of music to use, introduction voice overs, topics, time length and whether to host a series of interviews or go with a single speaker.

The audio sessions were recorded in a relaxed environment which helped our client feel comfortable. After a few rehearsals she was able to read her script in a natural voice and with some coaching she shared her story. We recorded three podcasts during one session. After agreeing on the music, introduction and outro tag, we edited the sessions into three separate podcasts.

BRASSmedia Canada setup the web hosting site, created the automatic feed to Apple iTunes, integrated the artwork and tags into the audio files which aid in making the podcast easy to find and download. When complete we provided the hyper-links to the client for inclusion on her social media platforms.

mlc-podcast artwork

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