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Business Profiles

Tell your business story and use video to create a connection with your marketplace. This form of video provides more value than a traditional commercial since it builds a relationship between your business and potential customers on a personal level.

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Live Events

Thanks to the global reach of the internet, AGMs, product launches, conferences, special events and sports can be live streamed to audiences who can not attend in person. Keep people in the loop by sharing your message via a live streamed event. We provide the live video setup, projecting onto venue screens, online channel to share out to your audience and a recorded version of your event.

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Instructional Video

Many products come with a paper copy of instructions or assembly guides. For some customers a video provides a richer learning experience by placing the product in an actual use situation. An instructional video can be provided with the product via a DVD or made available through a download link on your website.

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Product Demonstrations

To aid in sales and lead generation, it is important to show your product being used. Unique features can be shown in detail in a real world situation. Video captures the use of your product and can be distributed in many different formats.

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Story Telling Video

Tell your story in video. Visuals, voice over narration and music can be combined to tell the world about the unique characteristics of your organization, business or company. People, places and products in a video tell your story in a way that other media and platforms can’t. We will help produce your story telling video with new video, existing content such as PowerPoint presentations, photos or a combination of all types of content.

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On-demand audio or podcasting, is consumed by millions of people daily. The freedom that on-demand audio provides to listeners is attractive to many people. It gives them the freedom to listen to what topics are of interest to them, when to listen without time constraints and listen where it is convenient for them. Use audio podcasting to establish your company as a knowledge leader, enhance your customers life experiences, provide product usage and best practices to generate leads and provide customer support.

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Online Marketing

Integrating audio, video and multi-media content into your online presence is the next step in promoting your business. BRASSmedia Canada works with you to get your message out to the world on the internet. Website content creation – marketing messages and customer support are just some of the ways we can help you improve your website. Social media is an area where some companies are unsure of what to do. BRASSmedia Canada works with you to develop, implement and manage a social media strategy which includes copy, audio and video.


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