Audio Podcasting – Business Case: Branding & Extending Audience Reach

Client: CNWA Professional Wrestling – Live events & TV show

Business Goal: Branding & Extending Audience Reach

The client already had a successful live event and was producing a TV show which they were working on taking to major broadcast networks. They were looking for a way to share the stories of the wrestlers in the ring to existing fans and to reach out to potential new fans. In addition to drawing fans to the live events, an objective was to pre-build an audience for the TV show.

BRASSmedia Canada’s Solution

Since we had worked on the TV show production we were well acquainted with the live event and the people involved. A fan of the live events had been producing audio podcasts for a period of time in addition to writing as a free-lance sports journalist. We met with the two hosts and producers of the show to determine what we could do to produce a polished, broadcast quality audio show. It was determined that the hosts would use the show to provide news updates on the wrestlers in promotion and talk back and forth during the show. They also used the audio podcast to promote branded merchandise and upcoming live events.

The clients were located in a different geographic region which prevented them from visiting our studio to record the sessions. Since the content had to be fresh to be of value it was important to record on a regular weekly schedule. We provided them with a digital recorder and two microphones to record at their location and on their schedule. The audio files were sent to us via drop-box and we produced them by adding music, intros, artwork and show-notes for the website and Facebook page. When completed, we hosted the shows on a web server and published them to Apple iTunes and their website. The links to the audio files where then shared out via Facebook and Twitter.

An analysis of the website and Facebook traffic indicated that almost twenty-percent of the listeners were outside of the geographic zones the live events took place in. This confirmed our strategy at reaching out to fans was achieving some success.

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