Live Event Videos – Business Case: Expand Audience Reach

Client: Sustainability Resources

Business Goal: Immediate – Expand Audience of Event; Longer Term – Promotion of  Similar Events

Our client was hosting an event with a specific focus and theme. Their goal was to expand their audience to include people who couldn’t attend in person. Another goal for the video was to support their organizations event planning and hosting initiatives by establishing them as a knowledge expert in their field. The longer term goal was to use the recorded videos of the event in promotion similar events in other cities and regions. A tertiary goal was to use the keynote speaker videos in their educational/workshop events.

BRASSmedia Canada’s Solution

We responded to an RFP for the event published by the event sponsors/partners. When we were awarded the contract we met with the event manager to determine more details on what was expected for coverage: the who, what, when etc. that was not detailed in the original RFP.

Since we were familiar with the venue we knew who to talk to regarding audio, projection and internet services. O-NET, a local community owned gigabit broadband network services provider was able to  provide us enough bandwidth to stream the event video in HD/720p. This local service enables us to provide a quality viewing experience for international audiences via the internet.


This was a three day conference with keynote speakers and panel presentation sessions. We live streamed the event to a channel we setup for the client. Since the client wanted to manage the audience and be aware of who was viewing, we setup the channel with a password which was distributed via email.

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Many of the speakers had PowerPoint slide decks that were provided prior to their presentations and included in the stream. Concurrent sessions were recorded by a separate video crew and then streamed out later in the day. The video feed output was fed to the venue’s projection system, which made it available to the larger room. Since we had a good working relationship with the venue management, we were able to connect to their audio system to make use of a high quality, direct feed to the streaming system.

The events were recorded and posted to an event partner’s Vimeo channel for redistribution. The finished recordings were also delivered to the client via an external hard-disk so they could be archived and re-purposed.

The outcome was successful as planned and the live stream was viewed by university and colleges in Alberta. The recorded session have been viewed and shared many times by event attendees who were excited to share the knowledge they gained at the event with others.

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