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4 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Hi Dean:
    Enjoyed your recent coverage in local media. Would like to meet with you in person, as I am interested in podcasting. Will try to reach you by phone tonite. if we dont connect could you e-mail me advising me your offiice hours – or when I can reach you at home. Have a great weekend!

  2. I am looking for a company in Olds that can transfer video from VHS to DVD. Can you direct me to the best place.
    Thank You

  3. Thanks for the breif blog on internet television. is now running 24/7 for four months and is gearing up for more local shows in the fall. We currently are doing national news with news clips from the Canadian Press at least 4 time a day with local news To follow . The consentration of progams though will be local TV for Central Alberta. Fall line up will include Grizzlys hockey live (AJHL), a central Alberta Morning Show, Live do it youself , virtal cafe featuring local central Alberta talent and much much more. Coverage of shows like the Race City Drag races on Fathers Day weekend were hugh at driving people to our site. Getting the publicity out to the masses will be the key to our sucsess and efforts from people such as you will most definatly help the cause. Main stream media has been quite hands offish in promoting us as in some ways our success seems to pose some kind of a threat to their current advertising base . Oh well can.t say as I am surprised.

    Thanks for taking the time to listen

    Fred C May Jr.

  4. Hi, Dean i like what you are doing!!!!
    If you would like to take this to next level in (HD)
    i would very much like to talk to you.
    I have been working in (HD) media format, streaming /blue ray, etc
    video production, my work flow is in (SD, HD) Sony Vegas pro 64 bit, with rendering / encoding machines on 2 & 4 core AMD CPU computer on a raid-5 with 6 TB Storage
    David Miazga

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