Instructional Videos – Business Case: Customer Service

Client: ACL Manufacturing Inc.

Business Goal: Customer Support, Post-Sale

The client was challenged with high call levels to the support desk from clients installing the device in the field. It was determined that many of the calls were related to particular setup and installation of the device in jurisdictions who follow differing electrical codes. The purpose of the video was to provide installers a step by step guide to setup and installation in the field. Delivered via an online video hosting service, the video could be viewed in any location via smartphones or other mobile devices.

BRASSmedia Canada’s Solution:

We met with the client to discuss the key points required in the video to address the needs of field installation. Working with the client’s customer support manager we scripted out the basic flow of the video into four parts: box contents, proper assembly of parts, electrical connections and setup of software in the field.

The video was shot over a two day period and included a location visit to their testing site. Audio voice overs and narration were recorded on a separate day to allow for pacing of the visuals. When a newer version of the product was released, we recorded new visuals and audio to insert into the video. By re-purposing more than half of the original video we were able to reduce costs by not having to spend extra time at the client’s site.

The final video was hosted by YouTube which allowed for multi-bit rate streaming and publishing into international markets. The video was embedded into the client’s website and a link was sent out to their customers with each order shipped.

After six months of being available, it was determined that calls to the support desk for help on installation and setup had been reduced by forty-percent. The support manager verified that the goal had been met and an additional benefit was greater general satisfaction from their customers.



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