Business Profile Videos – Business Case: Lead Generation

Client: Silver Willow Sporting Club

Business Goal: Lead Generation

Our client was using text and photos on their website and hard-copy materials to promote their small business services. They felt that a video would give them the opportunity to tell their story in a way that their other marketing material could not. They were aware that video would allow them to show their services, the location and the people who provided their unique services to clients. The business goal was lead generation. Their objective was publishing the video on their website, social media platforms and include a link in newsletters and email messages.

BRASSmedia Canada’s Solution:

We met with the client to determine what their goals were. We listened closely to their answers to our questions about who they wanted to reach, what messages have been successful in other marketing efforts and why people use their services.

After careful evaluation on their needs and messages and how we could translate that into video, we provided them with a draft shooting synopsis which explained how we could tell their story. The video was shot over a three day period and included capturing their current customers using the facilities. One of the owners provided a voice over narration, told in their own words, about the services they provided.

Draft versions of the video were reviewed with the client three times and changes were made to reinforce the messages they thought were important. We returned to the site to capture some video with a customer they arranged to have come in to take part. The final video was published and the client was delighted with the process and the final result.

We have produced a number of videos for the client since then. One of the videos was produced on short notice for a presentation they had scheduled. By responding quickly to their request we were able to provide the video before the deadline. Our clients are important to us and we do what we can to help them be successful.

The final outcome was a video which included their customers as a form of testimony to the services offered. By including their customers in telling their story our client was able to show the connection they have with a wide range of people and show off their unique services. Watch the video and you will see that it’s all about the people.

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