Digital advertising up – print ads down:eMarketer report

Breaking news! Big surprise! (sorry about the sarcasm! – well, not really!) According to this report from eMarketer, print advertising is down and digital platforms (read: internet) are growing!


There are many notable quotes from the article but here are my favourites:

For example, Barclays Capital predicted in its “Internet Data Book July 2009” that spending on every medium but online would decrease this year.

Budgets were more likely to be cut than increased for traditional media such as TV, radio and direct mail, but more respondents said they would up their investments in e-mail marketing, search and interactive…

What’s surprising is the increase in e-Mail marketing! Opt-in, permission based e-mail marketing is a very powerful method of promoting products, services and your brand. But isn’t e-mail dead or dying in the world of social media and social networking? Apparently not. Almost everyone on the planet has at least one email account and it is easy to get at – even with a cell phone! Twitter may be the hot new toy but don’t forget about e-mail marketing campaigns. If done right they can be a great vehicle to communicate with your customers. If done wrong your e-mail message will be nothing but spam!


BTW: Nova Media, one of our sponsors will help you build, promote and monitor an effective e-mail marketing campaign.


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