Net neutrality and your business

In previous posts we have talked about net neutrality and how it affects our freedom on the internet. What does net neutrality mean to you if you use the internet to advertise, market or otherwise promote your business? A quote from the Canadian site “Save Our Net” . . . What is net neutrality? …Put […]

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Government support of digital new media – PWC report

PriceWaterhouseCoopers (Canada), Big Table of Digital Media and Animation Incentives 2009 shows that provinces other than Alberta provide some form of tax relief to investors in digital media companies. Where’s the Alberta Advantage here? A quote from the Big Table: “As digital migration accelerates, digital spending will remain the entertainment and media industry’s main engine […]

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Podcasting into the mainstream: extreme audience growth expected

A recent report from eMarketer forecasts extreme audience growth for podcasts. eMarketer projects that US podcast audience growth will continue at least through 2013 when there will be 37.6 million people who download podcasts monthly, more than double the 2008 figure of 17.4 million. As a percentage of Internet users, podcast downloaders are expected to […]

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