Local TV a pawn in the battle between networks and cable

(BTW: the following rant in no way reflects the point-of-view of our sponsors!)

If broadcast networks and cable providers are so concerned about the current sad state of local TV, then why have they done so much to kill it over the past decade? There is a battle between the networks and the cable companies over what is left of the traditional TV viewing audience. They each claim that local TV is very important to them. But is it?

When I saw that Global was supporting the Local TV Matters campaign, I almost fell off my chair. Are they having second thoughts about their strategies on how they turned five strong local TV stations into failing and eventually failed businesses (CHCA-TV in Red Deer for example)? Or are they just mad that cable companies are raking in the dough ($2billion profits for 2008) while their money making machine is declining?

While they duke it out it’s up to us to do something about our local TV. And other media for that matter. Community based TV with local and hyper-local content is growing around the world thanks to the internet and entrepreneurs with vision. I have trouble grasping the fact that Red Deer (population: 89,000 peeps) is still without a local TV channel – terrestrial or online.

I’ve got an idea – you’ve got a vid-cam and I’ve got a vid-cam so let’s get together and start our own TV station. How hard can it be? Instead of someone doing if for us, let’s get off the couch and get things started!

When the battle is over the networks and the cable companies will look around and realize that the landscape has changed and the carcass they have been fighting over is just that – a carcass devoid of life with not much left to sustain them. We’ll all be watching local TV!



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