Internet ads overtake TV in the UK

Does this article in the Guardian from the U.K., indicate what we can expect in the near future for Canada? Internet advertising spending has surpassed TV advertising – 23.5% vs 21.9% of total ad dollars spent. The numbers in the article for web video advertising were astonishing – it grew by 300% year on year.

The major factor contributing to this is the availability of internet bandwidth in the U.K. which has higher speeds available in more locations when compared to Canada. Not surprising considering the difference in land mass but there are other differences. The U.K. governments and private industry promote high-speed broadband access and actually spend money in building out the infrastructure to provide it. The government is committed to finding and funding opportunities to have their citizens more connected. In Canada this is not the case. Particularly in rural areas.

With that all aside, the fact is: online viewership is growing so advertising will follow – it’s just that simple!


BTW: this just in from eMarketer Web ad growth (US) to reach double digits in 2010.


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