Ads in podcasts more effective than television

Ads placed in podcasts are seven times more effective than television in creating  responsive action from audiences according to a report from Podtrac and TNS. The same study identified that podcast ads have three times the recall of online video. Very impressive!

The ad format types used in podcasts are typically:

  • embedded 15 second and 30 second host-read audio and video ads,
  • embedded 10 second and 15 second produced video ads,
  • ad banners on publisher websites,
  • social networking in the form of publisher blog entries about advertised brands and related topics.

As quoted from the report:

The studies showed a 73% increase in likelihood to use or buy an advertised product which is an indication of successful targeting, the unique relationship audience members have with the hosts of todays online shows, and their ability to quickly move audiences from awareness to consideration to purchase. The studies showed that 69% of audience members have a more favorable view of in-show advertisers, which means a tremendous amount of goodwill goes to advertisers of online shows when show selection is intentional and advertising and ad formats are integrated into show formats.

If you are a business interested in tapping into the niche audiences that podcasts are reaching then this proves that your advertising dollars won’t be wasted. Search out podcasts whose themes and topics are in alignment with your products and services and strike up a deal with the show producers and hosts. An alternative method is to produce your own podcasts featuring your advertising message.



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