Back to School – Will Your Classroom be Wiki’d?

In this article from, Don Tapscott talks about the ‘new’ classroom. Mr. Tapscott is the author of Wikinomics where he describes the changes in business and the workplace as a result of collaboration and sharing of ideas versus top-down, command and control environments which are elements of the traditional workplace. Schools, just like businesses are being populated by the digital-natives. The need to change delivery methods to meet the new students needs is a hot topic of conversation in faculty lounges all over the country. The question is, “who is going to start this change?”.

The provincial Government of Alberta  just announced a $ 350 million dollar “investment” in public buildings with over $ 200 million of it going to education – Advanced Education (post secondary) and Education (K-12) ministries. This money is for capital building projects, typically old brick-and-mortar suffering from deferred maintenance issues. Where does the funding for new ‘digital’ learning initiatives come from? From the “Learning and Technology Policy Framework“, a high-level document from 2004, it appears that the dollars for learning technologies are included in ‘base funding’. Does that money ever make it to a faculty member who wants to fund new projects such as blogs, wikis and podcasting? If anyone out there knows the answer to this – please let me know.


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