Political candidates and social media: don’t miss out on spreading your message

Walter Schwabe from “fusedlogic” recently asked via Twitter ‘if a candidate’s use of social media would affect your support for them?’. We don’t have access to the answers that Walter received from the Twitter community but we will offer our own here. There is a lot more to a candidates platform than whether or not […]

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Government support of digital new media – PWC report

PriceWaterhouseCoopers (Canada), Big Table of Digital Media and Animation Incentives 2009 shows that provinces other than Alberta provide some form of tax relief to investors in digital media companies. Where’s the Alberta Advantage here? A quote from the Big Table: “As digital migration accelerates, digital spending will remain the entertainment and media industry’s main engine […]

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Hyper-local news and media

With the closing of our local television station, CHCA-TV my ears perk up when ever I hear via radio, TV, blogs or face2face conversations mention of possible new options. On Sunday, while we were driving down to Innisfail to meet-up with some friends, CBC news from Calgary was on the Jeep’s radio (yes – I […]

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