BRASS Cast Episode 6 – Business Podcast Samples Part 3

BRASS Cast Episode 6 – Sample Business Podcasts Part 3

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Part three of a three part series of business podcast samples.

Keep in mind that these are all fictitious and are given as examples only. As you listen to them, think about how your company could make use of a podcast in the same way to promote and market your products and services. 

Linda’s travel uses a weekly podcast to feature seasonal packages, special locations, and has a strong tie into their web site through the use of cross promotions. The web site makes use of another feature of Web 2.0 – client involvement.

They have a photo album with client submitted photos from their tours, a discussion group where folks talk about their trips and offer advice to prospects interested in some of the unique packages and destinations Linda’s Travel caters to. The clients have become the experts and answer many of the questions new travelers have.

Linda’s Travel podcast – known as ‘Ticket to the World’ also has interviews with travelers who give brief travelogues of their trips booked through the agency. Sometimes they call while in the middle of their trip.

These types of technology services fit into Linda’s target market demographic – twenty to twenty-eight age group and boomers. Surveys indicate they not only take advantage of unique travel events but also make use of the web for information and news.

Linda’s Travel has built a strong community of clients and through this relationship, has leveraged customer loyalty and engagement to act on repeat business.

Dean Owen

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