Net neutrality: freedom of speech and freedom to hear

Net neutrality not only gives you freedom of speech but also freedom to hear. Or read…or watch…or share points of view…or innovate.

For a good explanation on what net neutrality is, check out these sites:

Not too clear on what net neutrality is?

Watch this video from The OpenMedia YouTube channel posted on Save Our Net.

Here’s one from the Save the Internet group.

What can you do about it?

Take the same actions that large corporations do – lobby the government!

How serious is the net neutrality debate?

If you use the internet for anything – email, Facebook, video, Twitter, music, search for products or service, news, access to information and alternative opinions, exercising religious freedoms,  business or social – then this issue is serious. If the special interest groups who are anti-net neutrality have their way then our freedoms to speak and to hear will be taken away from us.

Get informed and get involved!


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