How to make web video work

According to many sources, web based video is hot and getting hotter. But that doesn’t mean that all videos will be successful in making an impression and grab the viewers attention. While watching a web video this morning it occurred to me that some videos are a waste of time and have very little impact. A talking head tells me a lot but shows me nothing. If you’re thinking of hosting a video on your web site, please make it worthwhile to watch. Other wise just make it an audio presentation and save on hosting and bandwidth costs.

So what makes a video powerful? Show something that can only be seen to be believed. It needs to be visually interesting. Supplement the audio topics with related visuals. It needs to make your audience want to watch for fear of missing something if they don’t. Show me your product in action. Show me how your service will change my life for the better. Even charts and graphs have more power than a talking head, in getting the message across.

When you produce your web video, watch it without audio. Does it still tell your story and get your point across? If not, then maybe re-shoot or turn it into an audio only spot.



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