Battling it out on Twitter – networks vs. cable companies

In case you live in a cave and don’t watch TV in any form – over the air, cable, satellite – there is a big battle going on between Canadian network broadcasters and the cable companies. In a nutshell, the broadcasters want the CRTC to force the cable co’s to pay them for the programming and channels they currently distribute for free. This is known as a fee for carriage. It’s interesting that two potential dinosaurs are using social networking to promote their cause and get public support behind them. Twitter is a tool used in their campaign.



We follow both of them on Twitter and will click on the links embedded in the tweets and even retweet them from time to time. Regardless of which side of the debate you are on, the Twitter campaigns do have impact. If tweet messages are crafted properly they will provide your followers with valuable info and can even spur them to action. Twitter doesn’t stand alone and like all new web social marketing and media platforms should be integrated into the total marketing package.




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