Follow-up to local TV post

My blog in the local paper – Red Deer Advocate – has gotten some traffic following a recent post on the future of our local TV station. We were even on the front-page (below the fold) on Saturday’s paper.


Kinda cool . . . but what really matters is the reaction to the topic. It’s amazing how many people commented both online and offline about local news on TV. Most were wondering where it was. Some even commented that their move to signal providers like satellite resulted in a loss of the local TV station and they didn’t really care since they weren’t missing anything. Sad – but true? Some folks supported the local station and it’s broadcasting of some local news and events. Most were disappointed with local coverage. If you want to take part in the conversation you can go online here at the Red Deer Advocate.


BTW: thanks to all who have commented on our blog. As part of the fusedlogic Facebook Foodbank Challenge, we will be donating some needed food products to our local food-bank here in Penhold. Check out the Flickr site for our photos when we get them posted.


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