Facebook Foodbank challenge

Walter Schwabe, a social media strategist in Edmonton has put out a challenge to the global online web community through a Facebook group to promote donations to local food-banks. The goal is to post one million photos of one million food-bank donations before the end of 2009. Go to http://www.facebook.com/ and search for “fusedlogic Food Bank Challenge”. The photos can be posted at www.flickr.com/groups/fusedlogicfoodbank. Walter has tossed the challenge our way to get folks in and around Red Deer involved.

So there you go – get involved. Spread the word! If you are on Facebook – sign-up to the group and invite your friends. Not just to get your pictures on flickr.com but to help stock up your local food bank in these tough times.

Now here’s my approach. For each comment to my blog posts here we’ll donate a food item to our local food bank here in Penhold. My challenge goes out to all other ‘bloggers’ in the area to do the same. Spread the word to your readers. Come up with creative challenges and let us know what they are by leaving a comment on this blog posting.


3 thoughts on “Facebook Foodbank challenge

  1. Thank-you for the mention Dean, looks like you’re headed down to the food bank. Don’t forget to take a picture and upload it. Also, maybe the Penhold food bank has pictures they’d like to contribute to the cause…it sure would be terrific to get Central Alberta fired up. We’re working on Calgary, Van and NYC as a matter of fact too. I look forward to seeing your pics up soon…cheers.

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