New numbers on podcast listeners

This isn’t brand new news (at least in the blogging world) but it is worth taking a real good look at for consideration in your marketing plan.

eMarketer, a great resource for all things related to marketing on-line, published a report back at the beginning of February 2008 on the number of podcast listeners out in the world. In summary:

  • 18.5 Million people in the US are listening to podcasts,
  • 65 Million people will be listening to podcasts by the year 2012,
  • 25 Million of these 65 Million will be active listeners – tuning in to at leastone podcast a week,
  • $ 165 Million spent on podcast based advertising in 2007,
  • $ 435 Million will be spent on podcast based advertising by 2012.

Why the increase in numbers?

  • Greater ease of consumption for podcast content,
  • Growing awareness of podcasting,
  • Terrestrial radio’s use and promotion of podcasting,
  • Increased penetration of portable players,
  • The evolution of smart phones and proliferation of affordable mobile data plans.

Did you want to wait until 2012 to get into podcasting? Why? If you get involved now, you will develop a strong relationship with your prospects and customers. Get a head start on your competition.

Dean Owen

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