Does your CEO Blog!

Does your CEO blog? Would they like to? Would the PR department let them? Today on BNN – Business News Network, they talked to Steve Rubel, senior vice president, Edelman PR on the pros and cons of executive and corporate blogging. Good interview! No matter what questions they threw at him, Steve Rubel responded with essentially the same answer – blogging is a way to get closer to your customers, to talk to them, to engage them in conversation, to encourage them to provide feedback.

He used Jonathan Schwartz, SUN MicroSystems CEO as a good example to follow. Since I don’t own SUN stock, I can’t comment on how well Mr. Schwartz performs as a CEO, but I certainly enjoy his blogs. I find them informative and well written and I appreciate that he takes the time to talk to me (sort of). I’m not a SUN customer now, but I was once, and who knows, may be again.

Steve Rubel also pointed out that not all CEOs make good bloggers. He named names, but I’ll not mention it here. He does have a point though. If your CEO speaks well, writes well, is warm and open, then they would be good bloggers.

Think about it, if your CEO would make a good blogger (or at least an interesting one), ask them to consider it.

Dean Owen

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