Competition is part of our capitalist system – so are monopolies

Milton Bradley-Hasbro’s Monopoly is a great game but for some large (or even small) businesses it’s a way of life. Competition is good. It’s good for the consumer to have many choices and options – unless it is just the same content with a different wrapper. It’s good for business since it encourages innovation and good customer service – unless it threatens a long standing, high-margin revenue stream.

From the latest CRTC report on the broadcast industry in Canada:

The CRTC said Canada’s top four cable companies (Rogers, Shaw, Videotron and Cogeco) and the two satellite distributors (ExpressVu and StarChoice) captured 90 per cent of the revenue from broadcast distribution services.

Hooray for competition! It’s alive and well in Canada according to the CRTC.

Here’s a link to the full report in PDF format – 299 pages – CRTC 2009 Monitoring Report.



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2 thoughts on “Competition is part of our capitalist system – so are monopolies

  1. Found this article on the CBC site . . .

    “… the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development found that Canada has the third-highest wireless rates among developed countries. The United States had the highest rates for this “medium-usage” package, followed by Spain.”

    and there’s more

    “… according to the OECD Communications Outlook study. Canada has the second-most expensive high-speed connections, “

  2. The monopolies sometimes are just appearing naturally, e.g. in automobile business – show me new company in this branch that arrived in past 20 years. I must agree that competition is a part of capitalism but not everywhere it appears. In space journey business it is highly improbable that competition will appear in next 20-30 years. This play is just too expensive.

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