Local news near you – from YouTube

YouTube is unveiling a new service – News Near You – featuring news related videos from your local area. Cool. Although not a sole source provider for local news and certainly not a competitor for a good local TV station it may help to keep us updated on local news and events.

The catch is that it isn’t available every where . . . yet. Here’s a snip from the Q&A on their support forum:

It only shows up on pages in locales where we’re serving local news videos, so if you’re currently logged in from an IP address that we don’t have local news partnerships in, then it doesn’t show up on that page. Call your local news station and tell them to sign up for YouTube!

I was going to call our local station but then it dawned on me (duh)  we don’t have one anymore! What was really cool in the NYT article was the group of folks making their own videos, vidsf.com in response to disappointment with the local news coverage from the area broadcasters. Anyone in Central Alberta willing to take this on? Sounds like a lot of fun.



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