Podcasts we’re listening to

There are lots of podcasts out there and we went looking for new ones to listen to just the other day. Here are some of the ones we’re subscribing to via iTunes. For the podcasts without an iTunes Store address we use Google Reader.

Banff Lake Louise Tourism – Short, 2 to 3 minutes per episode, video podcasts with a slight YouTubish feel but are obviously professionally produced. They are a great example of new media used as a marketing and branding tool. Each episode is focused on a single topic and is easy to digest without becoming overwhelmed.

Make Magazine’s Podcast – If you’re into weird and wonderful inventions check this out via iTunes and the Make Magazine website. And you can watch the videos on your computer at YouTube. Make Magazine is devoted to DIY technology with examples submitted by readers of the magazine. Sample projects include Munny Doll Speakers (click here if you haven’t heard of Munny Dolls) to a Marshmallow shooter to a desktop CNC milling machine. The podcast features weekend projects.

Things I Learned This Week – TILTW – NSFW – Short comedy news bits from Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff. Sarcastic and funny video countdowns.

For the Sake of the Song – Sean McGaughey. In Sean’s own words, “Conversations with Songs and Songwriters. Join Sean McGaughey and guest songwriters as they explore the motivations and process of songwriting.” Sean has over 100 episodes featuring song writers and their work. A great sample of an independent Canadian podcast.

Ripple Outdoors – with host Peter Wood sharing Ontario’s hunting and fishing news. We’ve been listening to Peter’s shows right from the start and really enjoy the interviews he has with folks involved with hunting and fishing in Ontario.

The Angsty Podcast – Witty banter, video games, machinima and movies hosted by veteran machinima directors and producers from Edmonton, Alberta. Although I’m not into video games (my glory days on MsPacMan are way behind me now) I really enjoy watching Machinima – movies crafted with scenes and characters from video games like World of Warcraft. Angsty Studios are making machinima in Edmonton and talking about the art form in general in this podcast.

Let me know what you’re listening to . . .


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