aplusk, oprah, cnnbrk – can’t resist

Ashton Kutcher, Oprah Winfrey and CNN Breaking News are twittering. The title to this post are their Twitter names. This is not news if you are a follower of the real-time web and it was in all the mainstream news for the past few weeks. Some the Twitterati, early adopters of Twitter in particular, were taking issue with the challenge aplusk and cnnbrk were engaged in. I waited for it to play out before commenting.

The good news (I always look for the silver lining) is that aplusk and cnnbrk will donate to a worthwhile cause. That’s good!




My take on the whole thing is ‘WOW’ what a great PR event for Twitter! Here’s a tip from the basic PR handbook …” get your product or service into the hands of celebrities (local or global) to build buzz. If the cool people start using your product, everyone else who wants to be cool, will want it too…“. Twitter sure did it up big this time. I wonder if they paid aplusk or cnnbrk to do this? There’s no doubt that they worked closely with them and oprah to market the service. What really surprised me was with all of the Tweet-traffic going on with just these folks there were no ‘fail-whales’ or twitter service outages that plagued them up until just recently. Here’s one for Simpson fans. What’s next for the world after Twitter? What’s next for Twitter – a buy-out?

BTW: you can tweet me at http://www.twitter.com/deankowen . I don’t have much to say but the folks I follow usually do.

as of April 23, 2009 - trends for past 30 days

More BTW: I use Tweetdeck to follow both Twitter and Facebook updates – cleaner and easier than using both separately.

Talk with you later . . .


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