Interviewed by Sean Joyner – VUE magazine

Thanks to Sean Joyner (aka for the great article in VUE magazine. Sean is an Alberta podcaster and new media guy who interviewed me to gather some insight into the BusinessLink seminar on Blogs, Podcasting and Online Syndication. It turns out that Sean and I met at a PODCalgary meetup last year. I remember that day well since I rushed home from Calgary in time to watch Sean (then known as AllAxis Ajay) and Chris of the Kaflooey podcast on their live Ustream.TV channel. They played some tunes, interviewed a few folks via Skype and Sean tried to prank Chris while the rest of us watched and chatted in a side bar. We were in on the prank and there was some speculation on the outcome. To his credit, Chris seemed to catch on to the prank and the result was a surprise ending. Live TV (even over the web) is full of surprises!

What excited me about that day is that Sean and the other folks I met that day were putting the fun into Social MEdia. No marketing message, no attempts at branding, no concern on reach, audience demographics etc. Just some folks expanding their communication and collaboration and community through the use of Web 2.0. Particularly podcasting and social media. Cool.

Another interesting point here is that Sean notified me (and others) of the article via Twitter. Not eMail! I think Twitter is what eMail should be – succinct and to the point. If you want to write a book use something else!

Thanks Sean . . . good luck in Edmonton!


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