Canadian internet users lead the world in online video viewing

The CBC twittered a link to a news item describing Canadians being world leaders in online video viewing.


According to ComScore’s  Media Metrix service, 88 per cent of Canadians who use the internet viewed a video online in January with a total of videos viewed for the month being close to 3.1 billion.The United Kingdom came in second with 81 per cent of online users watching video during the same month.

There was some speculation from ComScore as to why:

“Canadians are  high adopters of technology.”

“Canada’s high broadband penetration means more Canadians are able to watch video.”

Some reasons put forward by readers in the comments might be closer to the truth:

“Nothing good on regular TV”

“Too many commercials, repeated over and over on TV”

This one is my favourite:

“With winter being 5 months long – there’s nothing else to do but watch videos online”

Only in Canada . . .


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