Web addresses in outdoor signs – a mini-project

Disclaimer: To start with I, we, me, BRASSmedia does not endorse the companies or services shown in this series. This is not advertising – just random snapshots shown as examples. The company logos etc shown in this series are copyrighted and trademarks and my use of them is under an assumed ‘fair use’ e.g. educational purposes. Since these corporate branding images are visible in the world at large, it is assumed that they are available for public consumption but they are not public domain. If anyone has a problem with me showing these images – let me know (via email or comments below) and I’ll take them down.

So what is the purpose of this series?

There is a prediction that mainstream media – TV, radio, print, outdoor advertising – will be used to drive traffic to the advertisers website. Why? The web experience can be a richer experience for the consumer than traditional media – ecommerce, social networking, branding, social media, niche target marketing etc are activities that can take place which can go way beyond traditional media.

As I wander around our physical world I see many examples of a company’s web presence included in their branding efforts. Store signs, vehicles, bags, billboards, business cards, flyer’s, advertising on TV and in print quite often have the company website address included along with (and sometimes instead of) real addresses and phone numbers. Many companies don’t have a web address included in their public branding and I think to myself – why? They don’t have a website? Their website isn’t something they want people to go to? They don’t have a strong website that engages the visitor? They just haven’t thought of including it in their advertising and branding and marketing efforts? Maybe they aren’t aware that more and more people are turning to the web for information regarding their purchasing decisions.

There are lots of examples out there of website address inclusion and I’ve tried to capture them when I can. There are more examples of branding that doesn’t include website addresses – but what’s the point of including them here?

So what’s the next version web presence we’ll see? As more and more companies embrace social media and social networking (aka Web 2.0) as a marketing and branding tool, I expect that their blogs, podcasts and social network locations will start to show up in their advertising. Remember “find us in the yellow pages”? It’s being replaced by “find us on Facebook”!

So as I come across some examples of website addresses embedded in branding and advertising I’ll add them to this category on my blog. Of particular interest are unique and special examples. You’re invited to add yours as well – either here or on BRASSmedia’s Facebook page.


If you’re a marketing or advertising person (pro?) let me know what your efforts are in this area. The what, why and how is it working.

Here are some from just one trip to Red Deer and here in Penhold . . .


Think about it – if you’re stuck in traffic behind this car . . . what will you be exposed to?

On the side of their delivery truck parked on a busy street.

On their outside signage, over the entrance door . . . too cool!

A sandwich board on a corner in Penhold.


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