Kokanee Ranger – a great campaign

Here’s a company who have it figured out . . . Kokanee Beer (from Canada) are running a campaign that ties TV with Web 2.0. Here’s the web site Ranger – Live or Die. I’ll let you check it out for yourself – no spoilers here!

Kokanee brewery is a company which has used a character in their commercials for years now. He’s serious about protecting Kokanee beer from the Sasquatch/bigfoot who is as thirsty as the rest of us and always foiling the ranger and making off with a case or two. The Kokanee Ranger is a bumbling but likable fellow who has great help from his deputies – one fellow and three Charlies Angels type gals (yes – they show up in bikinis occasionally).

What makes this a great campaign? The TV commercial (which may or may not be aware of two screeners) has a call to action for the viewers to go to the web site (not just go out and buy more beer) where they are exposed to the Kokanee branding experience – lots of swag! You get to vote on whether the ranger keeps his job or gets fired. They post live/real-time numbers from the poll. Will the Kokanee Ranger live or die? Time will tell and in the end the community of Kokanee beer drinkers have interacted with the entire branding process. Cool!

Does anyone out there have some background info on this? Like who the creative team responsible are? Let us know in our comments.

Here’s some ones take on the battle . . .



10 thoughts on “Kokanee Ranger – a great campaign

  1. Loged into save the ranger but there is not scroll right bar so cannot completly fill out entry

  2. Well only someone from Toronto would actually consider firing the Kokanee Ranger in the western mountains. Ranger keeps the beer cold in the creek that runs by the cabin. Easterners just don’t understand that. Why were they allowed to manipulate the fate of our Ranger? It’s as bad as picante from New York City.

  3. My guess is this is all part of a bigger marketing ploy….like changing the bottling process to “Tetra paks” LOL

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