AIIM report on Enterprise 2.0

Thanks to IT World Canada for linking to this item from AIIM – the enterprise content management association … Enterprise 2.0 – What’s The Real Story!

The headline from IT World Canada reads: Enterprise 2.0 report: IT managers take back seat. Read the article to get their take on the report from AIIM – but in a nutshell it talks about the fact that IT managers are most likely to be number 3 in leading their organization in web 2.0 or enterprise 2.0.

Some of the Numbers 

What we find interesting, though not surprising is the fact that the majority of the companies surveyed (444) didn’t have a clear idea on what Enterprise 2.0 was:

41% had no clear understanding of what Enterprise 2.0 was;

59% said that a lack of clear understanding was impeding adoption and implementation;

Only 13% were aware and addressing it.

When asked for their organizations perspective on Enterprise 2.0:

27% said the topic never comes up;

3% said they don’t care about it;

The rest of the organizations had a variety of perspectives – collaboration-24%, just web 2.0-11%, an IT thing-11%.

There are lots of gems in this presentation. You can also follow a link to free copy of the report.

Over all we are not surprised by the results of the survey – just a little disappointed. If we put Web 2.0/Enterprise 2.0 on a time-line it would be in about the same spot as Web 1.0 was twelve to fifteen years ago. It needs a little time to mature and be accepted by the enterprise. Just like Web 1.0 though, it will be the grass-roots who create the demand. According to the AIIM’s survey 46% of Enterprise 2.0 usage is ad hoc.


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