Staplesville – it’s alive!

A few months ago we talked about Staples/Business Depot use of web 2.0 with their offering of Staplesville – an online game like recruiting tool. It’s alive now . . .

Thanks to Lesley at Staples home office for letting us know about the go live and the following screen shots.

They have a YouTube video .

Here’s the Staplesville press release




A very bold approach but it shows Staples commitment to social networking and social media. As they say in their press release . . .

The Internet has become the most important tool for job searching, especially among young Canadians. A full 91 per cent of Canadians use the Internet for job searching, compared with 87 per cent who use newspapers, according to a new poll commissioned by STAPLES Business Depot. In addition, 91 per cent of Canadians say job searching is frustrating, while 74 per cent say it takes longer than it should and 58 per cent say it can be boring.

Staplesville Press Release – March 11, 2008

Take the tour through Staplesville and let me know what you think . . .


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