Private social networks – what should your theme be?

We have talked about the pros and cons of private social networks through the use of white label network systems such as Ning. That’s the how but what about the what? If your business is left-handed widgets should you create a social network that features your company? Or one that features the product? Where’s the community interest?


The wider audience and therefore the greater exposure would be for left-handed widget users. It makes sense that you should create a place where all left-handed widget folks to hang out and mingle – not just your current customers.

For our new start-up, albertaJOBcast, we created a Ning page (not active yet). . . after rethinking this strategy we will change our approach and create a social network for job seekers and employers looking to connect with potential workers in the Alberta. albertaJOBcast will be the sponsor of the community instead of the sole topic.

 albertaJOBcast screen shot sample employer profile


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