albertaJOBcast – a new podcast channel

BRASSmedia is now producing a new podcast channel – albertaJOBcast, employer profiles & job ad podcasts

What is albertaJOBcast? … a job search board where employers post their company profiles and job postings as audio/video podcasts.

Why albertaJOBcast? … BRASSmedia is a big believer in podcasting and social networking as a business tool. With the launch of this new podcast/social networking we hope to lead the way in using these new tools as a serious and successful business initiative and support tool.

Check out www.albertajobcast.comand let me know what you think? If you’re an employer looking to recruit new staff, check out our free white-paper available from albertaJOBcast website – on the left side column. If you’re a job seeker, subscribe to any of our feeds and be notified immediately when jobs are posted.


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