Private Social Networks

If you live in an apartment building or condo complex – ask yourself: do you know your neighbours? LifeAt is a social network service which helps you to connect with the community you live in. In their words…

LifeAt is a private social network for your building which allows you, the resident, to actively contribute and improve upon your residential experience.”

Niche or ‘long-tail’ social networks are a great way to communicate with folks that share your common interests. Facebook and MySpace are global and a great way to take part in large general purpose communities. When you need to narrow the focus, small private social networks can play a vital role.

Social networks can function within the enterprise as collection points for various social and business related interests. An online water cooler! With a distributed workforce, these virtual gathering points can keep everyone informed on what is going on within the company. NING is a starting point for creating your unique social network. Private or public.

Dean Owen

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