Employer & Workplace Video Resumes

Here’s more from Workopolis on video resumes…”Do I need a video resume?” Mark Swartz from Workopolis doesn’t think so at this point in time. At the end of this article there was mention of an employer  ‘workplace video’ or photos targeted for potential candidates. With a shallow labour pool and the fierce competition for workers in some parts of the country, this would be an opportunity to help you, as an employer stand out from the rest. A great idea. Does your workplace have it’s ‘resume’ available?

Many years ago, I recieved good advice about interviewing for a new job. Take a good look at the current employees. Are they happy? Do they look healthy or stressed? Is the environment somewhere you would feel comfortable? What types of vehicles are in the staff parking lot? Newer, well maintained cars or beaters? The interviewer can say a lot of things about the company – benefits, pay and the like, but the employees and surroundings can say more. In a chat I had with a sales manager the other day, we discussed how winners like to work with winners and he told me he was using his top performers to attract top talent to his sales team. It was working too. In less than fourteen months he had turned around the sales team  from a less than average group of producers to being in the top three in Canada.

Maybe a workplace video is where you can stand out from your competition and attract winners to your company!

Dean Owen

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