BRASS cast Episode 7 – More on video resumes – the feedback!


In a previous post I pondered the business value of a video resume service for BRASSmedia. Not just a video on a disc but spread across the web as well. The feedback from some queries I made to local recruiters and job placement agencies was varied. Here are some of the replies:

  • you need to look good in a video – if you don’t look good, don’t do it!
  • a video would be a valuable tool;
  • with technology such as digital cameras and cell phone cameras, people can create and upload their own videos;
  • not yet, maybe it’s time will come;
  • HR people don’t have the time to look at videos.

It looks like it’s not quite ready for prime-time yet!

Here’s my home-made video profile. It was created with my webcam and simple software.

Dean Owen

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