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It’s civic election time here in central Alberta and the Red Deer Public Library is hosting a web site and blog site for the candidates. You can find it here at There is some blogging going on – mostly Q&A and some videos but the most interesting element is the controversy over anonymous comments to Jeffrey Dawson’s blog postings.

Mr Dawson took offense to some comments and expressed concern over the source of the anonymous commenter. The result was some back and forth between Mr Dawson and the incumbent Mayor or Red Deer, Morris Flewwelling with Mr Dawson eventually terminating his blog postings. The folks at the Red Deer Public Library, who manage the site, changed the comment system from anonymous to where the commenter is required to leave a name and email address.

Excerpt from the Election Forum front page:

Updated Procedure for Posting Comments



…Being that the process is so new to everyone involved, we have made and will continue to make changes to the site in order to ensure that we can make the entire venture as fair and informative as possible.

… As of today, you will now be required to include your full name and email address with your comment or it will not be posted. We will publish your name but we will not publish your email address (it will be kept only for our own use)...

…The goal of this site always has been and will continue to be, to provide a forum for all the citizens of Red Deer so that they have a place to put forward issues that are of concern to them…

» dstewart’s blog

Let’s hope that Mr. Dawson will take this move by the managers of the blog as a positve step and get himself back online.

download PDF version

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