Alberta government Facebooks

The Alberta government has a Facebook page aimed at out-door users. Called ‘respect the land’ it is from the ministry of Sustainable Resources and may be one of the first of its kind. Is the government getting ‘with-it’? and recognizing that more and more people are using social networking and social media for their news […]

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Local TV station on Facebook

Global TV Edmonton has a Facebook page – They are also VODcasting (video podcasting). Since they are affiliated with a national TV network it only makes sense that they are in the Web 2.0 space – but it’s great to see a local TV station involved just the same. Edmonton is about two hours to […]

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Private Networks

Now that Microsoft is going after ad revenue using Facebook, how do we get away from being pestered with ads? Private networks. There are a few ‘white-label’ private networking solutions out there – such as Ning, where you can set up your own community. Whether it is for business or pleasure. It is predicted that […]

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Private Social Networks

If you live in an apartment building or condo complex – ask yourself: do you know your neighbours? LifeAt is a social network service which helps you to connect with the community you live in. In their words… “LifeAt is a private social network for your building which allows you, the resident, to actively contribute and improve upon […]

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