Wanted: a new business model for new media revenue generation

Traditional media is fading fast as audiences move to the internet for their news, information and entertainment. As revenues drop in traditional media the big question is: How do we make money from this web thing? The traditional business model of huge revenue streams from advertising based on audience numbers (viewers, listeners, subscribers) doesn’t seem to […]

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Don’t steal music

It’s so easy to steal music thanks to the web these days. It’s become a popular and accepted cultural activity. Imagine. Thousands of songs for free! More songs than you’ll ever have the time to listen to! Cool. Downloading songs without paying for them isn’t stealing. Or is it? Some think that it’s not stealing. Shoplifting music […]

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The Fight for Canada’s Digital Future – Dr Michael Geist at Red Deer College

Kempton Lam sent us a message via the Facebook group – Fair Copyright for Canada – Calgary Chapter. ——————– Subject: Dr. Michael Geist to speak at Red Deer College in March Dear Fair Copyright For Canada Calgary Chapter members, Dr. Michael Geist will be speaking at Red Deer College in March. Please attend and pass along […]

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Go google yourself!

I’ve always wanted to make a Tee shirt with a ‘go google yourself’ logo but I’m worried about being sued. Or punched in the nose. What exactly does it mean to ‘google yourself’ anyway? Google is the leading search engine on the interwebs and moved from being a corporate name and trademark to become a […]

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