Television studio in your basement – TWiT TV

Leo Laporte has been in broadcasting for years. Decades actually. He was early to embrace  podcasting and now operates the TWiT network of shows which he calls Netcasts. Leo is an inspiration to many podcasters, audio or video based and continues to investigate new ways of using the web to bring news, information and entertainment to his audiences.

Red Deer is without a broadcast TV station at the end of this month but if anyone out there is interested in starting up a web based TV operation maybe you should take Leo’s setup as your model. It might be low-tech by CNN or CBC standards but it’s all NEW-tek – relying on mostly digital components to bring his shows to the inner-nets. As Leo said in his recent TWiT (this week in tech) show, only the microphones will be analog. It’s not nearly as costly as a traditional broadcast studio but does a great job in delivering a technically acceptable end product over the web.

Of course it involves more than just equipment. Leo’s business model, his content, his promotion of the shows and his willingness to take risks all contribute to his success. Being small and lean gives his operation the ability to respond and act quickly to audience needs and industry trends. A strategy that could work for a hyper-local webTV station.

Wouldn’t it be fun to have a basement Television studio even though a bit geeky?



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