Employee recruitment and social media

Job numbers are still weak but for those employers who are looking for staff, social media, social networking and tools like Twitter are providing alternatives to traditional job boards, newspaper ads and headhunters. This article from the Globe and Mail talks about this new trend – Employers sidestep recruiters to tap social media.

Why? This may have something to do with it:

“…employers are favouring an option they say is faster, more efficient and a whole lot cheaper: social media sites such as Twitter and LinkedIn…”

BRASSmedia were first to bring a social media recruitment platform to Alberta when the economy was hot and employers were scrambling for staff. When the economy went soft, the demand decreased but now that things are turning around, using podcasts – audio and video – makes a lot of sense.

albertaJOBcast publishes your company profile and job ads on a variety of social media and social networking sites at a lower cost than traditional recruitment methods such as job boards and recruiters.

As the economy comes back to life, now is the time to start hiring your team of top performers. They are available and looking on the web for their next great opportunity.


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