Twitter clients – we use Tweetdeck is okay but there are times when managing all those comin’s and goin’s can be overwhelming.


We use Tweetdeck on the PC and it works well in letting us follow others, update our tweets and keep up with search tags.



Social media links . . . Facebook and Myspace updates are viewable in separate columns. Status updates from Tweetdeck eventually find their way to Facebook which is efficient.


Short urls . . . when we tweet a link, Tweetdeck lets us choose our favorite link shortner. And it will shorten them automatically. Another great feature lets you preview short links before your browser goes there. This is a great tool that lets you avoid phishing links – if you’re not comfortable with the link, don’t go there.


Multiple accounts . . . we can send tweets from multiple accounts which works for us since we manage twitter traffic for our clients.


Different computers . . . Tweetdeck is available for many different computer platforms including PC and MAC.

The downside . . . needs Adobe Air installed on your local computer to work. This doesn’t limit you to just one computer but it does move Tweetdeck out of the ‘cloud’. Nothing available for Blackberry phones – just iPhone.

What’s your favourite Twitter client?. . . let us know what and how via our comments below.


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