Going viral – on the web it’s a good thing

There was a time when going viral was a bad thing. A virus spreads quickly and makes people sick. These days with the web, social networking and social media, going viral is a good thing. It still spreads quickly but usually doesn’t make people sick. Although there are some videos that may.

Going viral is now becoming part of our daily language and can be applied to more than just popular videos on YouTube. While watching BNN, I heard a guest use the phrase to describe the growing popularity of a magazine article about a major US bank. Ideas can go viral as well through the use of social networking. If you knew how to make an idea, video, song or magazine article go viral on purpose, you could become rich and famous.

How do you make your video, idea or business promotion go viral? Here are some tips from a pro marketer to help you make your video go viral. Paying attention to what is going on around you is important. Give people what they want and they’ll share it with others. Simple. Sort of.

Talk with you later . . .



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