How some companies let employees participate in social web

Jeremiah Owyang posted the following models on how companies let employees participate in the social web. This  doesn’t mean accessing social media or networking on corporate computers for personal reasons but how they are allowed to represent the company using social web tools. Which one does your company use?

The Five Ways Companies Let Employees Participate in the Social Web

Type One: We Have No Clue

Type Two: Shut it Down

Type Three: The Corporate Representative

Type Four: Common Employees Blessed For Social

Type Five: Everyone Is Encouraged To Be Involved

“…While many companies may select the first or second model in the next few years, in the long run –as Generation Y enters into the workforce, it’s undeniable that the third model where everyone is a participant of some form is most likely.”



Nova Media

Strategic Online Marketing



Advanced Systems

Corporate Computer and Network Specialists

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