I (and lots of others) don’t listen to radio anymore (update)

It’s everywhere…what is? The numbers documenting the declining ‘free air’ radio audience in favour on Internet/web radio. Some latest numbers from Edison Media Research  show the percentage of audience listening to web radio has grown from 12% to 20% in just one year!

And yet there are new ‘free air’ radio stations starting up all around us. Why? What’s the point?


2 thoughts on “I (and lots of others) don’t listen to radio anymore (update)

  1. Full Disclosure: I manage a traditional “Free, over the air” radio station.
    I suspect that it’s because the content offered by the stations is just that. Free to anyone with access to a $10 (or less) radio. People have been predicting the death of traditional radio almost since Marconi invented the medium. We will have to adapt, it’s going to be a rocky road, many stations won’t make it, but I’m still bullish on a long run for traditional, “free air” radio.

  2. Thanks TC for your perspective. In today’s ubiquitous internet access it’s easy to forget that radio can offer content to those who only have access to a $10 radio.


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