A Microsoft offer for corporate podcasters

If your enterprise is entrenched in Microsoft technology, as many are (in IT we call them Micro$oft shops) and want to take a stab at corporate podcasting this might be worth looking at – the Podcasting Kit for Sharepoint (aka PKS). A turnkey podcasting solution is attractive and is offered in various forms from other companies – Apple with Garageband for example. But for many IT departments and client users it means another technology to worry about. Having worked in IT for many years I’m well aware of the value of ‘convenience’ and ‘integration with existing technologies’.

Download and watch the Powerpoint slides for this product – they actually explain the what, how and why of podcasting quite well and in ‘non-geek-speak’ language.

Is the Podcasting Kit for Sharepoint the ultimate tool for corporate podcasting? No, but it may be enough to engage enterprises in using this new business communications tool. Just like Frontpage got them involved with publishing a corporate web site, the PKS might help them take that leap of faith into podcasting. There are some companies still using Frontpage but most have moved onto real web services technology. We suspect the same will happen with PKS and podcasting.

Do we endorse PKS? No – we don’t know enough about it yet. But if it gets your enterprise thinking about podcasting and makes the stakeholders more comfortable with this podcasting thing – then we are all for looking into it.



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