BRASScast 21 – Business Link Presentation (almost live)

We had a great time at the Business Link Brown Bag Presentation on PODcasting for Business. Thanks to all of the folks from the Business Link – Dawn, Sonja, Heidi, Richard and all of the folks who attended – in Edmonton and at the remote video conference sites. There seemed to be a lot of interest in Podcasting for business and that’s a good thing.

Here’s the audio episode

click arrow to listen online

click here to download MP3 file >>> [download original file]
What I saw from the podium

The sad news is – the battery went dead in my voice recorder (and I didn’t notice) and I didn’t capture much of the presentation as I had planned to. But I recorded the audio last night and tried to include as much of the feedback as possible. BTW: this has never happened before – I usually keep an eye on the recorder during interviews – this time I was busy talking and didn’t pay attention. Oh well . . .

The video version – PowerPoint slides – will be available next Monday (May 12). Now onto the show notes.

Show Notes (reference to things talked about during the presentation)

Jay Conrad Levinson talks up Podcasting in Guerrilla Marketing.

Olympus Digital Voice recorder WS-300M – direct USB connection and windows media file format.

Podsafe music – free music for podcasters thru Creative Commons licensing.

Software for recording podcasts: Garage Band for the MAC and Audacity for the PC.

The Long Tail by Chris Anderson – why digital distribution works for broad and niche content.

Microphones: Sony f-v420 and Plantronics DSP-400.

Podcast directories: Apple iTunes, Canada Podcast Directory, (free hosting – but they reserve the right to insert ads into your podcast), Podcast Pickle, Podcast Directory, Podango (free hosting – but they insert ads in your podcast), Podcasting News ‘Big List’ by genre

Metrics: CRTC 2007 report, eMarketer, Pew Internet ResearchComScore, BRASSmedia WhitePaper Podcast Audience Demographics

Podcasting Resources: Podcast Academy, Podcasting News, Podcast 411, Podcasting Tools, TalkShoe,

Podcasting communities: Podcasting in Alberta (facebook), podCALGARY, Calgary Social & New Media Meetup

Folks at the presentation who are podcasting:

Greg Gazin, the Gadget Guy has ToastCaster for the ToastMasters organization.

Sylvia Schneider, Pondside Digital Media Inc, has Canada Equine …On-Line (click on Podcasts in the left side-bar)

Talk to you later . . .


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