BRASScast Episode 20 – Social media survey from Calgary’s Comrade agency

BRASScast Episode 20 – Social media survey from Calgary’s Comrade agency This is our take on a podcast we heard where Comrade’s Managing Partner and CEO Thelton McMillian discussed with Jennifer Jones, the host of the podcast, a study they conducted for Marketing Voices.  The study, which is based on conversations with twenty-five corporate marketing professionals, asked three questions […]

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ROI of Web 2.0

In this IT World Canada article – Comanies Apply ROI to Web 2.0, Heather Havenstein refers to the outcome of a Forrester report summarizing a poll of 275 IT managers on the value of Web 2.0. Although positive in that there are benefits from some of the tools of Web 2.0, it still looks like the true […]

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